Richard Beaumont

  • This is now my 50th year in this business, which is odd because I'm only 38!

    Success came at an early age, playing Tiny Tim in the film Scrooge (with Albert Finney), Billy White in Digby, The Biggest Dog in the World and Young Pip in Great Expectations. Relative success followed with a Fringe First Award in Edinburgh for co-writing The Night of the Jockstrap with my sister, Laura. And finally, Oblivion came later, playing Hooded Bloke no. 43 in Aida, a Munchkin in Barrie Stacey's The Wizard of OZ (with Russell Grant!) and backing vocalist for Nobby The Sheep.

    At 26, I met Lynn on Bill Kenwright's tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and my world changed.

    I am now thoroughly enjoying 'Blagging' it and I have to say that I'm glad I ignored the advice offered to me by Dame Edith Evans when she turned to me and said: "If at first you don't succeed, try something else".

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